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Gemei GA330 FAQ

Here is a useful FAQ on the GA330 from :

FAQ on GemeiA330

Q. What is gemei a330?

A. Dingoo A320 — is a portable multimedia device, combining functionality of audio player, video player, FM radio and game console emulator.Produced by Shenzhen Dingoo Digital Co., Ltd. From march 2009. It is the main competitor of GamePark Holdings.
The same applies to Gemei A330, except production date and manufacturer. Device is produced by Gemei Digital Technology Co., Ltd.. From it’s predecessor - а320 differs with stronger CPU (CC1800 ARM 11 600 Mhz downclocked to 500 Mhz against Ingenic JZ4732, 336 Mhz (downclocked to 360 МhZ, can be overclocked to 433 Mhz)) and RAM amount, twice bigger than A30 (64 against 32). The CPU is the strongest side, and the weakest side on other hand, because all software for Dingoo A320 is incompatible with Gemei A330. You can read more about Gemei A330 here. Or check out the video review.


Q. What about Dingux?
A. For the time being, running Linux on A330 is impossible.But in march 2011, it became possible to execute third-party code on device. It was a first step to dualboot and alternative linux firmware.
By the way, Dingux is a work of a one person, created on free time and without any sponsorship.

Q. How to upgrade firmware?

1. If you have “gemei fashion, proceed to next question

2. Turn on console, connect to USB, place firmware file to the root of console.

3. Do not turn off console, dismount it or “safely remove” from usb. Media library update should start

4. After media update, turn console off, then on. Update should start.

Q. How to update Gemei A330 without wireless unit?
A. To make update work, rename A330.HXF to A330E.hxf. After unbricking, the procedure is not mandatory.

Q. What is the most recent firmware?
A. Version 1.1 Feb 13 2011 r3.

Q. Where I can get files from stock firmware?
A. — contains emulators NES, SNES, MD, CPS1,2, NEO-GEO, GBA, and Doom for Native OS port. SNES Emulator will work only from version 1.1. There is no Chinese games from stock firmware.

Q. Firmware flash was unsuccessfull. How to unrick the device?
A. Read here here

Q. Console hangs during media library update How to fix it.?
A. Do not use Russian locale on console.


Q. Are there more recent emulators, than in stock firmware?
A. Yes after firmware 1.1 developers updated SNES and NEOGEO emulators.. Grab it from here. Pay attention, that you need 1.1 firmware.

Q. How to enter emulator menu?
A. Press Select + Start

Q. Where to put ROMS?
A. In GAME folder, to appropriate subfolder.

33D — games and apps for Native OS. Format *.CC in firmware 1.0; *.с2s — for 2D games in firmware 1.1 and *.с3s for 3D games. You shiuld search in game center folder → Single Games.

CPS1 — games from CP System I ( Format *.zip. Romsets from MAME should also work. Located at game center → Internet Games.

CPS2 — games from CP System II ( Format *.cp2. — converter. Located at game center →Internet Games.

GBA — games for GameBoy Advance ( Format *.gba. Located at game center → Single Games.

MD — Roms from Sega Mega Drive ( Format *.smd. Converted from *.gen or *.bin. Converter — Located at game center →Internet Games.

MVS — Games from Neo-Geo ( Format *.mvs. Located at game center → Internet Games.

7.  NES — games from Nintendo Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System ( Format *.nes. Located at game center → Internet Games.

8. SNES — Super NES ( Format — *.smc. Located at game center → Internet Games.

Q. How multiplayer works?
A. Enter game center → Internet Games and select Create Server to create and Search Server to join created game.

Q. What is NEOGEO.ZIP in folder GAME?
A. BIOS and supplementary files for Neo-Geo. If you deleteit — MVS won’t work. But it is applicable for MVS Emulator 1.0. Upgrading 1.1 NEOGEO.ZIP became unnescessary. Saves from 1.0work.

Q. Is conversion mandatory? Where I can get pre-converted roms ?

(, CPS2 (, Neo-Geo (
Or torrent (please seed J)

Q. What are the best games?
A. Тор 250 by
Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Neo-Geo, CPS1, CPS2, NES.
Another top by
Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Neo-Geo, CPS1, CPS2, NES и GBA.
You can download games immediately. Arcade games must be converted.

Q. Cannot see games, uploaded to flash card
A. Update media library (Music → update jukebox).

Q. What is Trainer in NES Emul?
A. Nes Emulator supports Easy Cheats. List can be found here. Igonre GG-marked games. If cheat contains 8 symbols, skip 2 leading zeroes. It is easy to use cheats. Enter Trainer menu, select trainer settings and enter cheat. Set switch to enable and enter game.
Don’t use game hacks Almost of them are buggy.

Q. What is Read strategy in GBA->Misc?
A. You can put solutions in text format for GBA games. English versions work ok.
Rename txt file as gba game and solution will be loaded.


В. How to change language
О. For firmware 1.0 move to the end of menu to the right,then 9 times press down, then A and select language.
For firmware 1.1 move right to the end of menu, then 11 times down, then A and select language.

Q. Console does not enter sleep mode.
A. You can select sleep and screen timeouts in menu

Q. When I enter game center I see a lot of folders instead of games. How to fix it?
A. Settings → Browser Types change to All Files.


Q. Is there any hotkeys?

· Select+Start — emulator menu.

· L+Start in game - enable TV-out.

· ↑/↓+Start — Change volume.

· ←+Start — Fast save state

· →+Start — Fast load state.

· Long Start press — turn console on/off.

Q. What video formats are supported and should vide be converted?
A.Suppported formats: AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, M2V, MP4, ASF, MPEG, WMV. Console supports even 1920x1080 HD video . Subtitles are supported, but not in Russian. MPG compressed with DivX3, m4v and MP4 compressed with codec isom are not supported.

Q. Video and sound are not synced. Can it be fixed?
A. Yes read here.

Q. How to use tv out?
A. Device is equipped by video out, but not the same as Dingoo A320.Sound is not streamed through tv-out and you should use earphone jack. Console supports composite (General) and Component modes in resolutions 480i and 576i.
To activate tv-out press START+L, during gameplat, and during video playback press X then select pictorgramm with TV ().

You can use standart mini-jack 3,5mm cable

Or you can build your own like here.

Q. Can I change skin of Native OS?
A. There are several pre-modded firmwares.

· Donnie Darko Curse

· Let me in 2.0

· FullMetal Alchemist

· Olart Gemei Play!

· Gemei A330 AS-U

· Aino Space Stile

You also can unpack firmware and redraw graphics. Use this tool Drag file to unpack.exe to unpack,and run wadpack.bat to pack. Do not change pixel size of gfx. It will work, but console cannot resize files.

Q. How to unmount Windows 7?
A. Console is unomounted cleanly, if flash card is inserted.

Q. Console not connected in Linux.
A. You can force mouning by command mount -t msdos /dev/sdb /mnt from root and fix permissions. Also try to connect console, when it is powered off.
Kernel 2.6.37 works ok, 2.6.38 has problems

Q. I connected console to Windows 7 and file system is corrupt
A. Format the console and put files from backup back.

Q. What is better ? Dingoo A320 or Gemei A330
A. If you are linux geek, and want a lot of hombrew, Gemei A330 is not your choice.
But A330 has good stock emulators and play HD video. .
You can compare it at youtube.

Q. Is it possible to write your own software??
A. There is an SDK.

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