Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue and Red A10 YDPG18s – on sale now from Willgoo.com

Must … have … bright … colours …

In stock now at willgoo.com $149.95  – click picture to to buy one!




  1. Hello, I was wondering if the YDPG18, YDGP16, JDX S601, or JDX S7100 had a working analog stick? I want to choose one with an actual working analog stick, not one that is like a D-Pad. What would be the best choice? I'm mainly looking to play N64 games. I want the JDX S601 the most, so does that have a working analog stick. I don't really want to buy the JXD S7100 because of its size, but if it has a working joystick, I'll buy it. Please, if you have an answer to my question, please shoot me an email: danrowe42@yahoo.com


  2. Hi Danrowe,
    The YDPG16 is not out yet (any day now, it is said). The others have analog stick hardware ... but they do not work like analog sticks in the various emulators you would use them in. Hope this helps, and check out the forum for more infor.