Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snes9x4D (For DINGUX) v20100330

Snes9x4D (For DINGUX) v20100330
March 31, 2010

Snes9x4D (For DINGUX) v20100330

Author/Porter: SiENcE

The amazing SiENcE has yet released a modified port of Snes9x to our Dingux and added SA-1 special chip support to run certain games such as "Super Mario RPG" etc. and also fixed some bugs and issues.

So go grab the release now!

Release Notes:


Snes9x4D (for DINGUX) v20100330

+SA-1 Support added (Super Mario RPG, and all other SA-1 Games are working!!!)
-Savestates of SA-1 Games are untested (better only use InGames saves!
+renamed from Snes9x to Snes9x4D (for Dingux)
+new Snes9x4D Icon added
+Fullscreen scaling added again for Normal Mode
-Fullscreen scaling is not available in HighRes Mode (Menu-Option inactive)
+Autodetect Highres Games (Secret of Mana, Seiken 3 & Rudra no Hihou) and switch automatically to HighRes Mode
+"-nohi" or "-nohires" commandline option added
+"-hi" or "-hires" commandline option added
-Transparency option removed, just because doesn't affect speed
+Memory leak in Menu fixed
+Frameskip option added to Menu
-Overclocking removed due to the lack of getClockSpeed (but you can overclock with gmenu2x ;-)

Hint: I removed a speedhack from old 1.39 source, just because it only fakes fps.


Happy Easter all, and thanks again Dingoonity!


  1. Will the lack of overclocking be an issue? I can't run SNES games at less than 408... I run most at 432. Cool update aside from that though! Glad the full screen is back!

  2. I've put it on tere and when i try to load any games it goes just goes back to the list, ???, also why is it a different file type?

  3. Overclocking removed from in the game???? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I use that all the time, to change clock speed for different parts of games which run at different FPS, because overclocking makes your Dingoo hot and battery run down faster so it is best to limit it, i use it in bursts.

  4. Why EVER remove options? Why not just make a menu called "junk" that has all the things YOU think people no longer want/need, were not talking about wasting gigabytes of space... :)

  5. Can sombody help me what i have to enter at the Dmenu i dont have the knowledge to do it myself

  6. How do you install snes9x4d onto gmenu2x ....
    i tried and its not working when i try and launch a rom any rom please help.

    ps snes9x worked before i upgraded to snes9x4d