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Dingux kernel with CDC/ECM Support

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Re: Rndis usb ethernet gadget problem on 64 bit Vista and up systems

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Well, I decided to fetch and compile dingux kernel. I use "andLinux", and I had to overcome some config issues (e.g. neither "make menuconfig", "make gconfig" or "make xconfig" worked, and I didn't want to use naked "make config"), but let's leave my personal  system problems aside.
First of all, I fetched the Boukichi's version of kernel:
svn checkout dingux-code-read-only
(it took some time)
Then I ran "make a320_defconfig" and "make menuconfig" from dingux-code-read-only dir (the kernel's source root), and set my LCD driver to 9331 using procedure described in README.A320.
After that I went in the kernel menu to
Device Drivers->USB Support->USB Gadget Support
1) disabled "RNDIS Support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
2) entered "USB Gadget Drivers" and picked "Ethernet Gadget (with CDC Ethernet support)"
Then I compiled the kernel with "make zImage" and voila - now I have a kernel with CDC/ECM support and without RNDIS.
So I copied it to the root of my SD card.
Then I downloaded driver you mentioned, but it wasn't enough. In order to use it I had to modify one line in file
The line
should be replaced with:
Now I connect my Dingoo to PC, install the driver using the inf file above, and voila - the connection works, it's rock stable
Of course, for file transfer don't forget to use FileZilla (at IP and nothing else - it's the only known working FTP client.
As for driver that works only 4 hours and requires PC restart after - I think it's not that critical. My development sessions are much shorter, and I don't mind to reboot sometimes to restart the driver.
Joyrider, thank you a lot for this idea !!
I think we should let booboo know about your findings.
P.S. After researching the net and booboo's blog I see that RNDIS driver is indeed broken, and various workarounds didn't help, or at least didn't help to everybody. This makes CDC/ECM a great replacement and I am really happy. Thank you again !

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Grab it here:

Thank you to Borus/Joyrider!


  1. And Syscon CDC/ECM Windows driver should be taken from:

    And then it should be installed and patched for Dingux, as stated above, before usage.
    (and don't forget it's a demo driver and that's why you should reboot every 4 hours)

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