Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Someone bought an SP2

… and this is what he has to say about it, via Google translate:

Etc. 暮Se 仕方無Ku new purchases and wait ...

Goodbye. The entire bay.
After just a few this year. What you doing everybody.
● November 8 magical one day at the sea's Neo Slim 3000 has written an article that has a reservation, contact us for shipping delays do not even mention at all.
On the web, but to the notice of the shipment, would not be appalled and angry poem heard as far.
Water had been cut short because just interested bolt, instead of something I purchased the product.
At first glance, appears to A320 Fruit Street, is another product.
SINTAX DIGITAL upstart company called "SP2 SUPERFUN" This product is called, A320 aware of the person making the L, R is the same as the button is located.
MicroSD compatible, but keep the strap can not improve the overall quality Unfortunately.
Is also cheap and button the screen is lower resolution than the A320.
Reproduce more than once is still developing the emulator.
Whether there is a firmware update is not known but really, why would not it be interesting and hard込Mu little building.
I think it's a time when there decomposition.