Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What about some SP2 Superfun?

This is exactly what I mean: who controls the marketing of this thing?!:



Well, if you’d like to find out how much like a Dingoo it is, get one here: http://popbuying.com/detail.pb/sku.2.8__LCD_GBA_NEG_GEO_GBC_SFC_MES_Emulator_Game_Console_Media_Player-28794

And report back please!


  1. Oh man, a DINGOID!

    It was bound to happen.

  2. China really seems to have a problem with all these clones. The ones that do succeed seem not to get the support because the market is flooded with clones. Its a sad state of affairs. Strider_mt2k nailed it: DINGOID!!! LOL


  3. Thats bingoo!

    tell me more about this.

  4. it actually looks better than the dingoo with the better shoulder buttons and the face plate doesnt look as glossy/fingerprintmagnetty

  5. also it seems to have a microsd slot which is 100% better than minisd

  6. Yeah, better shoulder buttons and a micro-SD slot... but on the other side:

    Only a mono-speaker? No TV-out? Only 2GB internal memory? Cards only up to 8GB?

    Naaah, for me there is only one REAL advantage: A reset-button *___*

    Any hardware-specs of this thing?

  7. Agree with the above, no tvout and 2 gig internal. I got a card adapter with my micro sd.

    Only cool thing is if they've used the same OS and the media playing and emulators are better, then someone will probably transfer them across to the dingoo. It's slightly glitchy playback and lack of playlist creation is, imo, the only thing really holding it back. (I know it's still fantastic for the money i'm just saying.)

  8. Looks nice. From the look of the OS, it might be a Sunplus chip. Usually they have just NES and GB emulators, so it's weird seeing this with GBA and more. They also usually have cheap cameras included. This also has nice controls, which most Sunplus systems don't.

  9. Lack of support.
    That thing has gotten it's reputation, of being the worst clone. But I do agree with most things it has.

    Here is the list of what I think is good that came out of this.

    Speakers On The Face.
    Non-Glossy Face.
    Supports Mini SD.
    Theme Is Not A Rip-Off From Officials.

    Yeah my list is tiny..... This is GARBAGE!

    Now here is my list of things that are BAD from it.

    Mono Speakers
    No T.V Output
    No Radio
    Less Memory Space
    Less Emulator Support
    Less Audio Support
    Less Video Support
    And Very Weird Emulator Support

    What the heck is NEG! Is It Supposed To Be NES?!
    And Also MES! Is It MVS?!

    The OS Looks Like One Of Those GBA/SP With The Built In Games At DealExtreme.

    In Conclusion, This is the worst clone of the all mighty Dingoo. Enjoy your $60 DINGOID of fury. [but really, don't buy this]

  10. LOL @ "Dingoid of Fury"