Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Atari800 v2.1.0 for Native updated

Atari800 v2.1.0 for Native OS Updated
March 15, 2010

alsp has released an update to his Atari 800 emulator for the native os!


Please find new version in first post.

   - Keys remmapping support (just save configuration and edit keys in Atari800.cfg
      file. Possible values for keys defined in Atari800Keys.txt)
   - Unique configuration file for folder (for example - you can put the game to some
      folder and setup unique keys for this game in folder configuration file)

Please report about bugs to the e-mail in Atari800.txt file

Author/Porter: alsp
Download: http://dingoo.alsp.net/atari800_2_1_0-dingoo.zip

News courtesy of Dingoonity.


  1. Has anyone got a tutorial / video example of this running some games ? Is it full speed with sound e.g. on Star Raiders ?

  2. how do you get this emu working. I have all the other emus working but not this ???
    Does it only recognize some rom extensions and not others ?