Thursday, March 25, 2010

UAE4ALL Update on its way!

Progress on UAE4ALL

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Chui has asked me to update you on progress with UAE4ALL following the preview release a few weeks back.
He has been working hard to add additional features to the emulator and fix some minor bugs and hopes to issue the next release soon!
At stage it is hoped the following will be added.
- Mouse support
- Save states
- A super throttle mode to help skip through long load times, intros, etc.
- Quick controls to adjust volume, brightness, overclocking and throttle.
I have been helping him with some of the testing and he has asked that I attach the compatibility list (see PDF below). This is a list of the games tested for the development of the emulator, if a game is not on here it hasn't been tested. This games are the same as the list on his website relating to the Dreamcast version, plus a few of my favorites.
The great news is that compatibility is high and most of what has been tested works, most also offer a good level of playability, I have only encountered a few that aren't playable.
As I say the release should be issued soon!  Smiley

Great news, from Dingoonity!


  1. This going to be good...great job guys!!


  2. Awesome news, keep up the good work guys. Most appreciated! This has to be the most exciting Dingoo emulator WIP