Monday, October 8, 2012

Snes9x for Open Dingux Released

Snes9x-OD Released.

October 07, 2012, 03:46:29 AM by qbertaddict

d_smagin has released a new updated and better version of Snes9x4D. It will work on legacy, opendingux, a320e, a380, and ritmix!


Hi, everybody.
Please, meet
Snes9x-od for OpenDingux
Based on Snes9x4D v20101010 by ^SiENcE^
Source code is taken from
What's new comparing to v20101010
- Sound is moved from OSS to SDL, it allows working both on legacy and opendingux
- Added support for different resolutions: 480x272 (ritmix rzx50), 400x240 (dingoo a320e/a380)
  and 320x240 (dingoo a320, gcw zero)
- Added fullscreen scalers for all modes above
- Gui is now called with SELECT+START combo, because ritmix rzx50 and gcw zero have select and B too close
  which makes it hard to push them at the same time
- Added changing samplerate to gui (off, 8000-48000)
- Config is now saved for each rom you load (~/.snes9x4d), for compatibility reasons savestates are still
  written to ~/.snes96_snapshots)
Dmitry Smagin, exmortis at yandex dot ru

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: d_smagin
Download Source:

Thanks to Qbertaddict and dingoonity for the news!

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