Race Emulator For OPENDINGUX

Race Emulator For OPENDINGUX
October 21, 2012, 03:39:49 AM by qbertaddict
Alekmaul has ported RACE to OD. Race is a ngc/ngp emulator. The system has some great games on it. Check it out.

Note: Filetypes are ngp and ncp


Hello all,
Here is a new emulator for OpenDingux, it is Race, the Neogeo pocket emulator
Run full speed on A320.

Discuss it here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingux-releases/race-for-od-version-1-0/msg50885/?topicseen#new

Author/Porter: Alekmaul
Download: http://www.portabledev.com/modules/download_gallery/dlc.php?file=501&id=1350477416
Download Source: http://www.portabledev.com/modules/download_gallery/dlc.php?file=502&id=1350477439


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