Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What do you want from Dingoo-Scene?


Gidday faithful readers!

I started this site in March 2009 during a bad patch at work – back then, it was daily floggings until morale improved (it never did, by the way) and the one bright shining outlet for all that corporate repressed creativity was being able to do something fun, like follow a little known Chinese gadget called the Dingoo A320.  Well, fun for me, anyway.

Here’s the very first post:

March 2009.  Gee, Michael Jackson was alive!  Obama was popular! Openpandora wasn’t actually late yet, and Booboo still cared!

The little world that Dingoo occupied has mostly rocked on. In many ways though, the hunt continues, as we are no closer to the ultimate handheld retro gaming device for the miser in us all. After all, that’s the #1 joy of these things: that they cost less than a Dry Thai Feather Massage (without the special) single PS3 game.  In this space, the next big thing appears to be the GCW Zero, which repackages all that the A320 did – but properly - and runs on a faster chip to boot (punny, dude). I have no doubt, if it’s ever delivered, that it’ll please – for a while, at least until the next cheap, big thing. What’s not to love about this scene?

But enough about it all, let’s talk about … this site.  What would you like to see more of? Less of? What peeves you off about this place? What would bring you here more? What features might you find useful? What you you really want to know?

What do you want?

Tell me, frankly and without fear of blackbanning, mainly because: (1) you can always leave a comment as “anonymous”, and (2) I really do need all the readers I can get.

Let me be clear – it’s just l’il ol’ me doing the cutting and pasting blogging here, so no promises that anything anyone aspires to will ever be delivered, but I’d really like to know anyway, for when this really happens. If I get more than 100 comments (c’mon, each of you readers can leave 25 comments), I’ll post a picture of my 1/60 Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam doing Hey Sexy Lady.


  1. Hi!
    I am a happy Dingoo A320 owner of a black and a white one, and Dingoo-Scene is one of my favourite daily visited web pages.

    I would like to find here the newest A320 emulation packs (especially native) originally posted on and This site is very popular, and i think if more and more Dingoo owner/webpage visitor get knowledge of the newest emu updates (it means more comments, likes and downloads)the Dingoo software development will be stronger motived.

    For example DingooSMD 1.2 is out for weeks, which is the best Megadrive native emulator present,but no post about it on Dingoo-Scene.

    (sorry for my english)

    MR1, from Hungary

  2. I guess I am on the four readers, then. Items I'd like to see in here (most of them are pretty much covered):
    1. Boobies (not cartoon, real ones, please)
    2. New gaming devices (G29 and G27 yay! Very good)
    3. Review of such new gaming devices - more detailed, the better
    4. Boobies (not only real ones, good looking ones too)
    5. Mods (physical, such as batteries, button swapping, or software, ROMS, apps, emulators, etc) for actual and legacy devices
    6. Accessories (cases, headphones, etc). Do you know there is no case for Yinlips YDPG18A? PSP Vita case it too small, and it is the largest one so far.
    7. Boobies (animated gif are a plus)

  3. I like the site as it is. I see this site being a news station for new Chinese handheld devices.
    Also it informs me of updates and developments on handhelds I have.
    I anticipate it would tell me when the new version of 'Mame4all for Native Dingoo 320' 1.1 is coming ( very soon) < That is an example.
    I would like a round up of the year, that takes stock of the myriad of different Chinese devices and simplifies the differences and tells us which is best.
    Thanks for this web site. I look at it every day and look at youtube related vids, too.
    I concur with the concept of boobies above, however.


  4. Opendingux or normal Dingux on Gemei X760+ (the old one, not the new one)

    But I guess booboo stopped caring for the project. Too bad, was hoping for more support.

  5. I stumbled upon this site just a few months back and love it since I have been trying to find the perfect handheld. (GCW ZERO) may be it.

    What I would like from the site is:
    1. Ranking system - maybe a top ten of the handhelds that are available. (Since one comes out almost each month)
    2. There are so many devices but a page for each device with links to the latest firmware/softmods for each.
    3. Physical Mods are a good idea.
    4. Accessory suggestions.
    5. Backgrounds or themes for each device that users can upload.

    1. I agree with the comments made on 2nd Nov, asking for a ranking System. Some type of dynamic way of keeping tabs on the 'best' system native / and OS modded.
      It is really hard to differentiate between these systems. Maybe a spreadsheet that rates each application on each machine, that is updated or qualified could be an idea. E.g. best for mame native; best snes SNEs modded; which has the fastest Android benchamrks etc. / best screen quality / best controllers -- rank, rank, rank.

      A review of a machine that is done as soon as it comes out, wont be applicable once it is optimised, so another review is needed at intervals of 6 months maybe?

  6. I like your site the way it is. It helps me keep up with the handheld goodies :D

  7. ¿Why do you ask it to us? This is your blog! In your blog you're supossed to write whatever you want, if not this won't be a hobby, this will be a job!

    And now seriously, the site is ok as is

    -Dingoo lives!-