Thursday, October 18, 2012

Skelrom custom reom released for YDPG16!

Skelton strikes again!:

[ROM] Skelrom v1 for Yinlips G16 ICS (CWM)

These files are delivered as they are,  so use it at your own risk. Flashing this ROM is your responsibility.
Very important, you need to be in stock ICS firm and root before flashing this rom.

Main features:
-   Based on last official ICS firmware.
-   Fully Rooted (at kernel level, in default.prop)
-       All chinese emulators and software and stuff removed.
-       Full google Play (or almost I think)
-   Autozipalign at every boot
-   Trebuchet launcher added
-   No need of Game Manager at all.
-   Emus and apps installed in data/apps (can be upgraded or uninstalled easily if you don't like them)
-   Emus included and installed: GameBoid, Nesoid, Gensoid, GbCoid, Gearoid, Snesoid, Snes 9x, Tiger Arcade.
-   Apps Included and installed: Youtube, Flash Player, Novotools
-   Init.d support
-   Modules support: Module for XBOX 360 wired pad, PS3 dual shock 3 pads, uinput for Droidmote, USB GPS and Bluetooth dongles. (my bluetooth dongle doesn't work, but maybe work with yours, so not sure if this works or not).
-       Init.d support.
-   Battery shows percentage now
-   Jelly bean font by default.
-   Partitions changed. Now internal memory becomes extsd and our microSD is sdcard.
-   Some build.prop tweaks to improve screen responsivness, wifi responsiveness, and make better ram consumption, etc
-   English language by default (you can change that easily)

if you have some data that you want preserve, do it before installing the ROM.


-   You need to be in the last ICS firm and need to be rooted.
-   Copy recovery.img to the internmal memory, and Skelrom v1 to our microsd card. Then install NOVOtools.
-       Open novotools and choose flash recovery, wait for a few seconds and then select reboot recovery.
-   In CWM recovery use the Analog Stick to move: Down to select options and Power to enter each option. Analog left to go back. Select Wipe Data, Wipe cache and Dalvik Cache.
-   Then select install from sdcard, select Skelrom v1 and once installation finishes, select reboot system now.

check the video where all process is explained:


I’ve not included any paid apps or emu in this release nor will I do in the future, because of legal terms.
in this sense i don't include FPSE or n64oid necause they are paid emulators
First boot is slow, but it's normal because of deodex and since most apps are being installed during first boot. Next reboots will be OK.

I’ve included a folder called Extras that includes the following:
-   keylayouts for shadowgun and similar apps and "Xperia" Layout. Just copy the vendor.kl to system/usr/keylayout.

I’d like to thank you all the users that have made this rom possible, and a very big thank you to Deen0X, for testing it, and for the keylayouts. Thanks also to Christian Troy for making CWM for a10 devices.


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