Friday, October 12, 2012

openMSX 0.9.1 for Open Dingux released!

openMSX 0.9.1 for OD released!
openMSX for OD! Fire up Space Manbow or Aleste 2 and have a blast!

Hi all,

Announcing here release 0.9.1 of openMSX, combined with the post that we forgot to submit about the 0.9.0 release 6 weeks earlier...

This release improves a lot on accuracy of floppy support, especially by the
introduction of support for the DMK format. This means it should be possible to
run all MSX disk software without patching it.

Furthermore, our efforts to improve performance has some results: start up time
has almost halved on a Dingoo A320!

For the rest of the changes please see the discussion thread listed below:

Discuss it here:!/msg50180/?topicseen#new
Author/Porter: The openMSX Team
Download Source:

Thanks to Dingoonity for the news!

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