Forum mashup FAQ: Why bother rooting the YDPG18?

spn-x, darth_llamah  and especially qbertaddict shed some light on an Android virgin’s questions, with some “dunnowadimdoon” editing from yours truly. Thank you dingoonity contributors!
Want to find out more about the YDPG18, like why bother rooting the YDPG18? Essentially, to update the default emulators. Want to find out more? This is the place!
Yinlips YDPG18 Forum Mashup FAQ –
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2012
All wisdom here gathered from this thread:
Q: Why/For what do I need z4root ?
To root the device- this will allow you to:
-make a proper backups (all apps and data)
-remove not necessary apps from firmware, and get newer emulators running!
-a lot of other things like tweaks etc

Q: How do I root the device?

***24 Jan 2012 Update:
# You can now simply update the YDPG18’s firmware to root the device, by using community customised firmware – bitrider’s firmware is the first, and can be obtained via this post: .
## Download the firmware, copy it to the root directory of the SD Card, then hold down POWER, HOME and the DOWN BUTTON. If the firmware doesn’t update automatically, just select the “update firmware from SD Card” (or something like that)  option in the recovery console. ***

Q: What about the old versions of the emulators ? Can they be updated without rooting? 
A: You cannot update the stock emulators at all. Even with root you can’t. You have to remove them first with titanium backup then install the new emulators. After the new ones are installed you can update like normal
***12 Jan 2012 Update: You still need to root, but can now update without Titanium backup. Look here:***

Q: And in the rooting-video qbertaddict said he has to delete the original emulators in order to replace them with newer versions, so I need z4root for Titanium backup and then delete the default emus ?
Correct I was not able to update or remove any of the default stock emulators until I rooted the system. Even after rooted I had to use Titanium Backup to remove them. Titanium backup requires root to remove these items.
***12 Jan 2012 Update: You still need to root, but can now update without Titanium backup. Look here:***
***24 Jan 2012 Update: bitrider’s modified firmware only has a few key apps in it, and removes most of the shipped bloatware. So, another way to easily remove all emulators is to (1) install bitrider’s new firmware and then (2) simply delete all applications (including the emulators that came with the YDPG18) from the recovery console. ***

Q: Do I have to install .emu emulators from the microSD-card ?
.emu emulators are available in Android Market only except for Snes9x EX. You have to buy them.
You can get newest Yongh's emulators free on (except for n64oid)

Q: What is the newest version of N64oid?
A: 2.6.2. Latest version will always be here:

Q: How do I install Android market?

***24 Jan 2012 Update: bitrider’s modified firmware now comes with android market! ***

Q: Can I download any .apk and install it via the appinstaller ?

A: 1. place and .apk file/files on sd card
2. go to Settings->Applications and check Unknown Sources- this will allow you to install from other sources than Market
3. using any file browser just click on .apk file and installation will start

Q: Will all buttons after updating emulators work?

Buttons work on all emulators after update you just have to remap them in the settings of each emulator.

Q: And how about battery life? In movies, audio, browsing, gaming?

As for battery life I am running some tests on it. So far 4 hours on heave heavy use seems to be what I’m getting. Battery life can be better when/if new roms or updates allow for more tweaking…. Well with heavy use and wireless on i got 4 1/2 hours of use before it shutdown. Its not the best but not the worst.
Q: Does it support 32GB MicroSD cards?
32 gig cards work.
Q: Has anybody tried if one of the two headphone jacks has maybe also composite video? (with eg. the dingoo tv cable)
The 2 headphone jacks work well. Composite rca does not work.
Q: Is the USB port is only a slave port (eg. you connect it to the PC, but you cannot connect a keyboard for example)?
Plugging in a keyboard does not work.
Q: Does it support bluetooth?
No Bluetooth.
Q: How good is the Snes emulation?
Snes9x ex is free and runs everything great. The are a lot of better emulators available. I will show that in my next video.
Q: How good is the N64 compatibility? Some forums report the compatibility as not that good?
Updating the N64 from stock to latest fixes a lot of compatibility issues.
Q: Is the analog stick a real analog stick? Why doesn’t it seem to work as an analog stick?
I can confirm that the d-pad and the analog stick are two separate devices /dev/input/event2 is dpad and /dev/input/event3 is analog stick, unfortunately android doesn't support joysticks until 2.3, but they still should have given it separate keycodes from the d-pad.  Also for those who are wondering event0 is touchscreen and event1 is g-sensor.
Q: Where do I buy a Yinlips YDPG18?
A: Try here or taobao!


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