Friday, April 1, 2011

Dingoo Brazil unboxes the JXD M1000 – PS1 emulator thingie …!

First, you can get one here:

Here’s what’s in the box

Off - JXD M1000 Unboxing

Look who's back!

Well, very much later, I return here to DingooBR are proud of the work being done by all. The site has grown, it has thousands of hits, is important in the scene world of blogs being cited in several other languages, in Dingoonity, etc.. Congratulations to all!

I think most visitors here know the JXD blog. This Chinese company launching live players, handheld games and the like. The latest release of the company, and this aroused the curiosity of the community of Mobile, was the JXD 3000, the first Chinese to emulate the portable Playstation (PSX). Yes, via Dingux Dingoo emulates, but the emulation is not ideal and have no sound. Since the 3000 emulates JXD reasonably well.

Building on the success, the company, such as the Letcool, cast your laptop into a desktop version. This is the JXD M 1000. In addition to emulate PSX, it also runs up to 720p video, plays music, photos and allows you to read ebooks, txt format (can not believe that someone will read an ebook on TV, but ...). The island is interesting, since it uses the original controls of the PSX / PSX 2, in addition to having a remote control to use the multimedia functions.

The JXD you're here, I have to give a big thanks to the staff of Dingoo Imports, Pedro and Ricardo Bueno, for trusting me to do these tests with the machine. I was flattered, really! Thank you for the opportunity, I intend to do all the tests possible and impossible for the community. Thanks anyway!

Well, the first thing you do when you receive the unit is open the box. This is called unboxing and what I did. Serves, if someone bought a JXD in the future, know exactly what's in the box. So let the pictures:

Box JXD M1000


Parte de trás da Caixa

Back of Box

Open Box

Open Another Box

CD's that come along with the JXD

Cables & Supply JXDPeriféricos the JXD


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  2. DOes the m1000 play neo geo, snes, gba, nes, megadrive aswell or just psx.