Friday, April 22, 2011

Gamebox Rom loading update

Justin further reports:

It appears that you must have the newer bios version in order for the ROMS to work with your Gamebox:
V1.0Build85b , if you have any build lower than that, it won't work :(
To check, hold START / SELECT on power on to see version of your Gamebox


  1. I decided to pester the tech support guys of Gamebox, until they give me answers about firmware upgrades and so on... I'll let you know if I get some answer.

  2. Well I got lucky thank god - I have the latest build, but you would think they would release a firmware update for others who own a gamebox

  3. Where can I find this update and how to updated it? Can you guys give me a page or something? Thanks a lot!

  4. how I know about their version before buy one? Somewhere trusted to purchase?