Monday, April 18, 2011

CPS1 CPS2 NEOGEO PGM roms on Gamebox load from MicroSD?

Ibarasc claims you can load MAME roms for the Gamebox from Dealextreme. Even has instructions on how to do it:
Anyone try those zip's he mentioned on an Micro SD card and got it to work?

Thanks to Justin for the tip!

Here are the instructions:

CPS1 CPS2 NEOGEO PGM rom work on microsdcard !

Monday, April 18, 2011 3:58 AM

I play successully additional games on from my microsd card :
1 - find and download BIOS files : and This is a must to play more games.
2 - find cps1 or cps2 or neogeo roms (zip files) and download them.
3 - copy bios and roms to microsd card (DONT extract zip)
4 - for neogeo, the first launch is very slow, please wait (gamebox unzip roms inside the microsd card and write .mvs file).
The next time you want to run your neogeo roms select .mvs file it loads faster !
CPS1 runs not very well, CPS2 is ok, and NEO GEO near perfect !
For PGM, I only test with Knight Of Valour (file and on my microsd card). First launch is slow like neogeo roms, you must wait that the gamebox decompress files.
At this time, i cannot run snes, nes, genesis roms ! please test roms and send me infos
I test 2 or 3 CPS3 roms but it seems not to work. It loads (slowly) and reboot the gamebox.


  1. Yes I can confirm it works well for CPS1 Anyway - bringing my gamebox home from work today, maybe I will do a video ;-)

    ruffnutts ;-)

  2. Also why bother putting neogeo zips on there just download neogeo.mvs roms instead, will keep you posted..

    ruffnutts ;-)

  3. right its all true CPS1/CPS2, Mame and NeoGeo
    Do boot from MicroSD using the 2 bios files needed

    ruffnutts :-)

  4. Want to try and find out how to display the picture of the game weather its in .jpg or.bmp
    ect..... anyone have an idea?

  5. ruffnutts: If it is using some sort of "hacked mame", the same "format" as mame should apply to display box art.

  6. anyone know which mame version the roms need to be ?

  7. Well I`m not a mame expert mike so I aint got a clue lol @ Anonymous the roms like knights of valor are pgm (polygame system) as for the other MAME no idea


  8. ruffnutts: I checked out my windows mame install, there are two folders, one sub folder is called artwork and another called cabinets. Good luck!

    Also of note, if you check out that dealextreme thread, it appears that the SHINY version of the Gamebox can not read zips even with the bios files! Is yours matte (dull black).

  9. I confirm the shiny version doesen't read anything except gba... damn! I got that one...
    it's certainly a firmware issue, but since there is no support, I don't see a solution for that in a near future.

  10. Well mine is a shiny version and can boot the roms as I have the latest firmware v1.085b also my pcb board inside the machine is red

  11. Guess the only way to know is to check the firmware of the Gamebox (press SELECT START at the startup) V1.0Build85b or higher number and you are golden for some mame roms (not all!).

  12. Even though I have the latest version I wish Someone would hack this muvva once and for all lol

  13. press L1 + L" + Right with no power and plugged usb into pc and you can get to the internal memory