Friday, April 1, 2011

TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.8 for Dingoo Dingux

Released TiznajoS Graphics Editor v1.8 for Dingoo Dingux

Updated TiznajoS Graphics Editor Dingux version to the last one -AKA 1.8-, now with 'undo/redo' feature, among others:
- Now there are two work screens selectables with SELECT (Screens mode)
(This is good, for example, if we want to have the tiles on one, and the map/image that we are designing in the other.
- Transparent color Highlighting on/off feature (Screens & Editor modes)
- Color picker function for first and second colors (Editor mode)
- Two 'range of colors' components: Now is available two colors ranges -making more comfortable the creation process- (Editor mode)
- 90┬║ rotating and horizontal mirroring operations over 24x24 pixels tile (Screens mode)
- 'Erase' tool (Screens mode)
Info & download:

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