Monday, July 12, 2010

Dingux A320(32MB)/A330(64MB) kernel by SiENcE

Dingux A320(32MB)/A330(64MB) kernel by SiENcE
July 6, 2010

SiENcE has released a new kernel for Dingux, pulling together many of the patched enhancements available in other kernels into one kernel.


    1) RTC (already in boukichi's kernel)

    2) PowerOff (already in boukichi's kernel)

    3) Safe Reset (Start+Select+PowerButton Up) (already in boukichi's kernel)

    4) hold key as SDLK_PAUSE to not lose the compatiblity with some games (already in boukichi's kernel)

    5) TVout support (i2c + fbcon patch)

    6) Swap file support

    7) and future Virtual Mouse support (additional Tool needed !!! Release soon!)

Author/Porter: SiENcE

And a big thanx to Dingoonity for keepin’ things going while SPAIN WON THE CUP!

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