Thursday, July 1, 2010


AlienBlaster (2D Shooter) Beta
June 30, 2010

Here is a nice little arcade shooter for us to enjoy!


Hello all,

Here is my 2D Shooter Port, AlienBlaster.  I really wanted to port this and finally got it working.
I like to give special thanks to one of our best dev,  mth for his help.  It still needs lot of works
and I am currently working on it.  So, expect another release soon.  Enjoy....  


D-pad    - Move up, down, left and right

A Button - Regular fire

B Button - Fire Special Weapons

Y Button - Change Weapons

Start Button - Selecting Options and Starting the game

Select Button - Exit and Return to Main menu while playing.

L Shoulder Button - Change aircrafts for Player 1

R Shoulder Button - Change aircrafts for Player 2

Note: Use SWAP Kernal for very smooth game play.

Discuss it here:

Author/Porter: z_man3007

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