Thursday, July 1, 2010

$37 Laptop!


Really. Click here to read more, though it’s slower than a Dingoo!


  1. I just ordered one.
    Hey it's pretty damn cheap, so it's disposable fun!

  2. It says these are refurbished and the price doubles after shipping.

    At dealextreme, this exact same netbook sells for about the same price shipped and it's new.

    I'm still torn on whether to get one or not. Windows CE... eewwww

  3. there are also similar ones with android installed also at DX

  4. Looks like there are so many of these little things around in various names that some interest is springing up around them.

    My research has uncovered a few programs that you can add to the WinCE setup to help a little, as well as a version of linux that's being developed and as mentioned an Android OS derivative as well.

    Google "via arm 8500 netbook".

  5. Got mine, works!

    Interesting little piece, but not very practical for most things.
    It struggles to surf, but plays internet radio well.
    Media players are good, not great.
    Screen is meh, but could be much worse.

    Overall I'd say it's a fun toy for little kids or big kids who tinker.


  6. This is what tinkering has gotten me so far:

    Gigaware Wireless notebook mouse works.
    Flash drives work on the rear USB port -hard drives not so much.
    I've only found ONE (1) application that has installed properly, and that is an FTP client.
    No emulators are working. :(

  7. I looked into these but really not worth it, for a small amount more you can get a cheap EEE PC which is orders of magnitude better. For me it's £60 to get one of these laptops and for £110 I could get a cheap EEE Surf which far more than doubles the performance and quality of these cheap chinese things.

    I'd be interested if the chipset was better or these were cheaper but at the minute it's just chinese crap that isn't cheap enough for how useless it is.

  8. After much playing, tinkering and frankly pain, I'm in agreement.

    My experience with this thing made using my Windows Mobile smart phone an incredibly rich and satisfying experience by comparison.

    Now the question is either to sell it at a loss, or totally modify the bejezus out of it to make it better at what it DOES do?