Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ingenic mplayer early build released

Grab another media player for Dingux here:


  1. It's cool. I was waiting this a long time. Thaaaaaanks!!!
    I tested only one video and it seems has a delay between audio and video.

  2. Hi! As I've stated before, it's a very early alpha release. If you find it delaying, you can try to set autosynch="yes" in /home/.mplayer/config

    I really hope we can fix most issues with some better configs, but then I think the ingenic-sources have some really big flaws, like I'm unable to use the optimization-features of gcc for the build.

    The next days, I'll try to compile a recent svn-snapshot of mplayer (not the ingenic-version) and optimize the hell out of it. See if that will perform even better then ingenics version.

  3. Ingenic released the latest source of mplayer just now, hope it has several improvements. ... 03.tar.bz2

  4. New version is out:
    Thanks lordbla! :)