How to show all your 17,083 c64 games from the c64 romset ( on the C64 Mini or C64 Maxi loader

Update 4 January 2020:
New, much friendlier GUI version released - see this post:


Hello, friends, it's been awhile.  A happy 2020 to you all.

If Santa was kind this year, he may have brought you one of these:


If Santa did, you'll have worked out by now that 64 built-in games, classics though some of them are, is simply not enough.  

Your travels may have led you to this c64 romset: , which contains 17,068 games.

If you pop them on a USB stick and slip it into your c64 Maxi/Mini, only the first 256 games will appear.  This is because there is a limit of 256 items per folder that can be displayed on the c64 mini/maxi loader.

So you need to split the games into individual folders, each containing no more than 256 items.

17,068 / 256 = 66 folders, which is quite a bit of copying, pasting, dragging and renaming.  Don't do it..

I've hacked together a quick and dirty splitter to do the donkey work for you, so you can get back to Gianna Sisters (and Farmer's Daughter, while you're at itASAP.


(Windows only)

  1. If not already installed, install Python 3 from here.
  2. Download from here..
  3. Unzip your romset into a folder and copy to that folder.
  4. Open a windows command line and launch the python script (ie: CD [Romset Folder] then python )
  5. All folders from the Romset folder will be moved to the root directory of the folder, into a new folder called c64Romset_output

Happy c64-ing all! 



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