Friday, August 21, 2009

Maybe this will help get the C64 to Dingoo

We remain here at Dingoo-Scene committed to subtly and with class, braying for the cause of the humble, ever beloved C64. 

We have posted about how you can pretend one already exists for the Dingoo, and welcomed willingly both the Spectrum and Atari ST emulators to Dingux.  But it’s just not the same!  Still we wait, patiently, boats against the currents, like Robert Redford.

Perhaps then, these issues of ZZAP64 – the greatest C64 Magazine Ever - might bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of someone with the means and knowhow to port VICE or some other C64 emulator to Dingoo.  They have been carefully selected to provide, in just 3 issues, the life and times of our favourite 8-bit computer. 

First, Issue #7 from when the C64 was a fledgling birdling, only just beginning to spread its wings:


Issue #28, at which time it was the only show in town if you wanted to game at home on a computer:


Through to issue#58, by which time we were buying the mag mainly to perve at those Amiga screenshots:


Grab’em all, read ‘em and weep, as they say, then please, if you can, someone bring the old girl home to the Dingoo.


  1. Better yet, have 'em hack USB hosting into it, connect a modem and you can run a dialup BBS from your Dingoo A320!
    (Hey i'd even call out of my locl area to log onto THAT system!)

    You gotta walk the walk if you're gonna talk the talk. ;)

  2. all hail gadgetmiser, and his (much appreciated) posts on the c64 and the emulator we all want!

    i think we have pretty much all the classics now, bar amiga and c64.


  3. If anyones interested in reading zzap64 again,they can get every issue scanned by mort onto dvd from the zzap64 website

  4. I also hope someone will eventually port a C64 emulator. That way I can play Space Taxi on it, great game!

  5. That would be fantastic but without a real keyboard, it will be extremely limited. Most of the fun I had back with the C64 was cranking out BASIC. Please oh please will someone allow USB hosting on the A320 so that we can attach USB keyboard and USB mouse. THAT will make this little NetNut a NetBook killer.

  6. usb hosting is impossible, the pins on the chip don't have any tracks on the board leading to the socket, would require extensive modification on a very small level

    though the pins are there, s if the hardware was put together prperly it could be done

  7. Would a Dingoo C64 emulator have GameBase64 support?

  8. I hope this emulator gets build with Sprite and sound support.

    My fingers are ready to 'type?' or poke:

    40 VV=54272: POKE VV+6,240
    50 POKE VV+1,4:POKE VV+5,0:POKE VV+4,33
    50 FOR NN=1024 TO 512 STEP-8
    60 POKE VV+1,NN/256:POKEVV,NN
    70 NEXT NN
    80 POKE VV+4,0

    Bring it on C64. We miss you.