Monday, August 17, 2009

Ezial posts Quake for Dingux - Quakux

Quake has been ported!:

[release] Quakux - Quake for Dingux by Ezial

Postby neutrOpik on Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:59 pm

Hi, Our Jedi Master ports on Dingux has hit again! Yes, Ezial returns with a gift to save more under the tree of the penguin Dingux… and now it’s this time of Quake!!
The goal of the game has not changed since its release on PC in 1996: aside from evil at any cost, with great bursts of hatchet, gun, pump rifle, rocket launchers and other funny things.
You will find below the portage binaries (for Dingux) and the shareware version of Quake. For the lucky owners of the commercial version of the game, you can, of course, use the files pak0.pak and pak1.pak which go far to retrieve it from your original CD. It's going to bleed!!!
Image Quakux
Image Quake (shareware)
Source and official Ezial post on
Please leave comments, bugs reports or whatever you want on Gx-mod(Gueux), A320, Dingoo-Scene or DCEmu.

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Sadly, espotaneo reports:

Well it's a start, but it's unplayably slow 5-10 frames per second during a fight (quake retail)....I've not overclocked yet but I can't see it making much difference.
Let's hope it can be optimised, at the moment its a raw port with loads of graphics features turned off.

Everything is a matter of perspective, though. If you sucked at Quake the first time, this should easy things up a bit.

UPDATE 18 August 09: Reports are flowing in from the comments section that the game works fine! Clock on the comments to read more.


  1. i just finished first 3 levels and must say that up till now game is very playable although it suffers from some gfx bugs

  2. Yes, except a few small bugs and graphical slowdown at the beginning all the rest of the game run great.

  3. HOw you can play with dingoo? I've read the readme and i can't play, can you make a better explanation¿ Thx.

  4. Mozhg

    I have original CD files. Hight Speed and very cool but when i choose settings for keyboard - game not save settings. And i dont see sprites weapon. If who wont CD i can give FILES for game. Game cery useble ))
    And sory - i from Russia and i bad speek english.

  5. Hi!
    My name iz Mozhg.
    I know how you can got half-life on yor dingoo!
    1. Download Quakux.
    2. Download Half-life for PDA:
    3. Create in ports directory "Hl" and copy here quakux file and "id" from half life for PDA