Slaneesh chats about Mame4all - v1.1 hopefully out this weekend!

Slaneesh, all round Dingoo good guy, and porter of the blessed Dingoo Mame4all, exchanged some banter with some fellow Dingoo-Scener’s recently (really recently – look right:)).  The chat is worth preserving:

Slaanesh (guest): Fixed Pole Position crash.

strider_mt2k: I'm tempted to make a joke about letting off the gas in turn three, but i won't

strider_mt2k: :)

Slaanesh (guest): Adding some volume controls to the front end. So you can start the game more quietly... This is a request from my wife.

strider_mt2k: gonna grab a shower brb

strider_mt2k: thanks agin for the info

Slaanesh (guest): Release v1.1 should be this weekend.

Mistabeen: Do you have any idea if there might be video-out support in the future (I asume this needs to be supported by dingux first tho)

Slaanesh (guest): Oh and using a new compiler - so getting a bit of extra speed from that.

Slaanesh (guest): I'd like to do a video out support but like you said ideally it needs support from Dingux - though it's not impossible to do it without it's support.

Mistabeen: it's probably best to wait and see where dingux is heading

Mistabeen: no need to waste time on something that might just be easier once it's officialy suported

Slaanesh (guest): Yes - Booboo is doing some good things.

Mistabeen: a small question slaanesh to get a programmers point of view on it

Slaanesh (guest): sure

Mistabeen: do you think Luaplayer from the psp would be portable to the dingoo

Slaanesh (guest): I'm not familiar with Luaplayer

Mistabeen: it's an interpreter that runs Luacode

Mistabeen: it's the only language I know, haha xD

Slaanesh (guest): Anything is possible. I just looked on the homepage, it's written in 'C' and ASM. So it's probably fairly doable.


  1. Don't be mistaken: That shower was AWESOME.

  2. Standard LUA is already included in the rootfs/toolchain.

    I guess luaplayer is just LUA with specific graphic/sound bindings for the PSP, so it would just be a matter or porting those bindings to the SDL family.

  3. I'm working on finishing up my engine for release, which is basically what LuaPlayer does ( SDL bindings to Lua ) in a bit more of a game-framework orientated fashion.

    The engine itself can also be extended with different API Layers, so can take further advantage of the hardware it runs on, while keeping the Lua-based game code the same :)

    I'm hoping to get it done by this weekend, but no promises as I've been working on and off it since November!



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