Booboo releases new system installation pack for Dingux – No need to install via Linux anymore!

For those of you who are uncomfortable in working with Linux to install Dingux, as promised by Booboo, he has now released a new system installation pack which requires only a single FAT32 partition to be on the miniSD Card.  This release is significant as a Linux PC is no longer needed to get Dingux going! It also means files like ROMS can be transferred to and from the miniSD card after Dingux is installed using Windows (the previous release required you to use Linux whenever you wished to transfer files to the EXT3 partition). 

Read about it and GRAB IT from here: !

The downside is that for the moment, none of the current apps may work with this iteration of Dingux [but as Sh@dow points out below, MAME4ALL does – do we need more? Yay!].  Zman’s .zip file (read this) will also not work. So if you desperately want to see the Dingux emulators in action at the moment, the old method using EXT3 is still the only real option. However, Booboo expects that developers will quickly rerelease the apps so that they work with this iteration.


  1. The latest version of MAME4ALL works fine with this.

  2. If someone could please try SNES9X? ._.


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