Version 2: S7800B 1.6GHz - (Tweaked+vSync Fix+60Hz+Apex Launcher) ROMs

Version 2: S7800B 1.6GHz - (Tweaked+vSync Fix+60Hz+Apex Launcher) ROMs

Current Version: webclaw-tw116-9.img:
This is a collection of ROM's for all JXD S7800B devices (3188 & 3188-T SoC's). These ROM's include a working vSync fix (resolves frame dropping issues) in games and when playing back video / movies. Battery life is also significantly increased! Includes all previous stock JXD fixes, my previous "WebClaw ROM v1.0.2" fixes as well as SD Card Swap w/better Google Play Store compatibility.
I've tried to include fixes, patches, and features based on everyone's feedback ("some people like this, some people like that") - hence the ROM collection.
On another note, the new Kernels (dubbed by JXD as version 1.1.5 and / or KitKat versions) are [currently] terrible. I won't be creating a new / updated 1.X ROM as I think we've all beaten the 1.X versions to death. Hopefully JXD will come up with something good w/KitKat.
Over 42000+ downloads!
webclaw-tw116-9*.img: (recommended - CPU speed is not everything).

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CPU @ 1.6GHz
GPU OC @ 600MHz (better performance for PSP and PSX games).
RAM OC @ 600MHz (better performance for PSP and PSX games).
vSync issues fixed!
Removed (Stupid) Applications
New Apex Launcher - no more missing icons!
2GB/4GB/6GB NAND Storage (option)
Fixed JXD keymapper update system.
SD Card / NAND Swapped (option)
Play Store Fixes w/Improved Play Store Compatibility
Performance updated MALI (video) drivers
Built on my WebClaw 1-02 Kernel
Added CIFS Support
Updated WiFi drivers

Download: (2GB NAND):
Download: (4GB NAND):
Download: (6GB NAND):
Download: (2GB NAND + SD / NAND Swap):
Download: (4GB NAND + SD / NAND Swap):
Download: (6GB NAND + SD / NAND Swap):
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If I was a complicated username in a world of pumpkins I would be dingoonity and snappy password is my name in lower-CASE.

* Note that the GPU OC works on non-T series only; for those who have devices made post October 2013 the CPU will run at 1.6GHz but the GPU will max at 466MHz (which is still technically an OC). Attempts to bypass this (and allow the 600MHz GPU OC on all devices) resulted in choppy performance is PSX and PSP emulators. In all cases the DDR RAM will run at the same speed as the GPU (466MHz with T series and 600MHz with non T series devices).
Change Log:
117.9 // New vSync fix technique, build.prop changes (Nexus 7), updated some APK's, updated SU, updated SU binary, updated Apex Launcher.
117.8 // Beta of newer 1.5 kernels (too many issues so stopped development) - new JXD ROM team = idiots. Sticking with 1.02b kernel.
117.7 // Fixed resolution changer, removed JXD launcher, added Apex Launcher, modified build.prop, added CIFS support, new WiFi drivers
116.6 // Skipped (introduced some graphical issues).
116.5 // more build.prop changes (Samsung S4), fixed charging powered off bug, fixed stuttering bugs, fixed resume from sleep.
116.4 // build.prop and boot.img optimizations.
116.3 // Reverted back to 1.02b kernel - solved stuttering issues.
116.2 // Added new launcher, added 4GB options, cleaned up additional applications. Introduced Mali and DDR OC's.
116.1 // Initial release 4GB options, updated PlayStore hack. Fixed JXD Keymapper. Added vSync fix. Imported fixes from 1-02.
Removed (Stupid) Applications:
WifiDisplay.apk (simply put, it doesn't work right)
RkExplorer.apk (just about anything off the Play Store is better - serious users get Root Explorer)
+ anything else Chinese (bloatware crap)
* All ROM's are properly rooted with the latest SU binary and SuperSU apk. Emulators run at 60Hz.
1. Download Rockchip Batch Tool 1.7:
2. Connect your S7800B to your computer via USB 2.0 (avoid USB 3.0 ports).
3. Power up your device and run the file RKBatchTool.exe (requires administrator) on your computer.
4. You'll note the tool shows a pink color indicating the status (device is connected).
5. Click the "Switch" button and your device will reboot. Install drivers via Device Manager.
6. Press the "Reset" button your device, wait for it to boot up.
7. Again, click the "Switch" button, this time the area above will turn green - programming mode ready (if it doesn't you didn't install the driver).
8. Select the desired flash image file (.img) and press "Restore".
* Boot.img (root and charging fixes), Kernel.img (overclock and general function) and System.img (vSync + JXD fixes) have been modified - youcan't simply replace the Kernel. A full "Restore" is required.
Known Issues:

  • HDMI video output capped at 42FPS (max).

Why are there so many ROM releases?
The JXD S7800B is a pretty unique device. Two versions of this unit exist, and each require a different kernel to get the best speed of out them. Fix one issue, and it breaks RK3188-T devices, fix another and RK3188 users have problems. It's very hard to balance both. Competition out there really is focused on RK3188-T devices - which means they are slower but only have a single kernel (so modifications are easy to test). Further, there were many ROM versions released by JXD (.05, .08, .09, .14, and .16). JXD never released very good release notes on what changes were in these ROM's. This doesn't help ROM developers like me as now I and the community have to test things to find out! Lastly, JXD has not released the a source Kernel, so updates and fixes are nothing more than hackjobs.

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