New A380 Custom Firmware and a Chips Challenge Bonus!

Hats off to Alien Grey for continuing to support the device that’ll never die, the A380! Alien has released a new CFW … and to keep you playing, a new version of Tile World AKA Chip’s Challenge, for your Dingooing pleasure! Way to go!

The new Dingoo A-380 CFW V2.11.04 "Exmortis II" is available for download:


What's new:

1. The kernel has been replaced with an updated factory kernel. The kernel has been updated by d_smagin for better compatibility. A second kernel is no longer needed except maybe for charging the battery. It's still possible to boot the factory kernel with the VMLinux files to charge the battery if necessary.
2. There's a new dmenu item added to enable and disable the swapfile. The first time you change the Swap in dmenu to On it's going to make the 128MB swapfile. This takes some time so wait patiently till you hear the "Plop" sound and the icon animation continues.
3. The CFW Nintendo emulator has been updated by d_smagin to version 2.2.2. This version has improved sound and a full screen scaler.
4. The CFW FinalBurn Alpha emulator has been updated to version This version supports more games but does no longer support .fba format.
5. The dmenu items Capcom System 1, Capcom System 2 and NEO-GEO from CFW Emulators has been removed.
Note: Don't use Swap if you don't need it. Enable it when necessary and disable it when no longer needed.
Enjoy another fine CFW release.  ;)
Edit: Changed swapfile size from 192MB to 128MB because of freezes while playing games. If you downloaded the CFW Emulator Pack before this message than you've got to delete swap folder from your Dingoo A-380 and replace it with this one:

Read more about CFW for the A380 here:

And Chips Challenge here:

This is a port of Tile World (Chip's Challenge) for the Dingoo A-380 CFW.

Tile World is an open source emulator of Chip's Challenge, able to
emulate both the original Atari Lynx version as well as the Microsoft
Windows version. Chip's Challenge remains a popular game even today,
despite having been introduced in 1989. Thousands of unique levels have
been created by fans.

Source code:
Author: Senor Quack (Dan Silsby)
More information by the author can be found here:
Note: Copy the TileWorld folder to game folder on the external MicroSD card or it won't work. The CHIPS.DAT file isn't included because it's copyrighted. If you want to play the original Chip's challenge levels you should copy the CHIPS.DAT file to the data folder that you can find in the.tworld folder.


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