JXD S7800B–RacerX’s first impressions/mini review

Update 12/11/13:

Check out our comprehensive Dingoo-Scene review of the JXD S7800B: http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/the-dingoo-scene-jxd-s7800b-rockchip_11.html

Some early first impressions are trickling in on the Dingoonity boards:

Re: JXD S7800 Quad Core is Released NOW!

« Reply #1035 on: November 01, 2013, 10:47:23 AM »

Few points so far.
Touch screen feels a little on the cheap side.
Tablet has a problem with moments of freezing for a moment of two if you try do such things like hit back a few times.
Battery never seems to completely charge. It was hung on 99% for the longest time. I turned the tablet off to let it charge so I don't know if it ever hit 100% but after it started was down to 95% and the 93% without doing anything.
EDIT: Plugged it back in for 30 minutes and it finally did hit fully charged.
Pinned icons keep vanishing from the screen after I install something. Always the same three. No idea why.
Seems to play catchup with the amount of storage space. I kept getting the "low memory space" alarm even when I deleted some items then trying it again later it worked ok.
Sticks work fine in MAME (twin sticks Robotron worked perfect), buttons, sticks and directional pad are responsive.
If this was my only tablet, I'd be really pissed right now. Since this is my emulator tablet (with Kindle and some video playing) , I don't mind the weaknesses too much. It's nowhere near the greatness of my Google Nexus 10 (almost a year old) but it'll do the minimum of tasks it was purchased to do.
At $170 (from Willgoo), I knew it wasn't going to be great and I was correct. Long as it does it's main job, all is good.
No complaints about Willgoo. Excellently packed, no dead pixels, looks good. Didn't receive the cleaning cloth or screen protector but maybe those go out with the pouch he's sending out to pre-orders.


Re: JXD S7800 Quad Core is Released NOW!

« Reply #1040 on: November 01, 2013, 02:07:54 PM »

Here's an update.
Gave up on N64. Didn't like the way it was working. Was using Mupen64 (which is fine on my Nexus 10)
Gave up on Amiga. App wouldn't see the games on the external SD.
Drastic is being a bit if a hassle. All the other ems like Mame4Droid, the .emu series and the Atari & Activision apps are all working perfect.
Overall, for what I got it for mostly (the emulation), it's working almost as well as I hoped. I can live without Amiga or N64 on it.


  1. i wait to buy a gamepad of 7" even 8", this product hav the numbers but no the feeling of your owners all people that test s7800b say is cheaper side, bugs and boot loop. otherwise no amiga emulator no s7800b


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