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JXD S7800B SUPERCHARGED v1.0 / CUSTOM FW v1.1.4 / CPU-1800mhz / Reparted / Ext2Int

S7800B SUPERCHARGED v1.0 / FW v1.1.4 / CPU-1800mhz / Reparted / Ext2Int

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S7800B SUPERCHARGED is here. This is a customized version of JXD's Stock Firmware v1.1.4 with several fixes, enhances, loads of useful applications, and an overclocked kernel.
WARNING !!! You are at risk of bricking your device should you choose to use the attached firmware & tools. You have been warned. You agree that any liability arising from the usage and/or sharing of the files below is strictly yours and may not be transferred to anyone else in this forum. Use at your own risk !!!
- CPU overclocked to 1,800 Mhz with 4 active cores.
- GPU overclocked to 600 Mhz with 4 active cores.
- Updated Mali drivers, set initial GPU clock, fixed mali_dvfs values, and corrected voltage tables.
- Re-sized System partition to 1GB, Userdata partition to 5.5GB, and NAND Storage to 1GB.
- Modified vold.ftab to switch SD-Card to MicroSD and NAND to External SD-CARD.
- Updated WIFI drivers and fixed TCP buffer values -> Faster WIFI ~ Approx 28Mbps
- Added additional permission XMLs to increase Market compatibility. (Experimental)
- Added several tools to assist you in customizing your device further ;-)
------JXD's stock v1.1.4 Update------
- Updated charging rate.
- De-activated Micro SD upgrade method.
- Fixed root and SuperSU RW access.
- Optimized audio output to reduce noise and static.
- Several USB-OTG optimizations.
- Updated several system apps.
Additional Notes:
- Market compatibility is still not stable and not all applications are accessible.
- This version mounts your Micro SD as internal NAND (SDCARD).
- Before upgrading to this version, remove your MicroSD to protect its contents from getting formatted.
- Once Recovery finishes formatting data, cache, and dalvik, you may safely insert your Micro SD after reboot.
- The upgrade process will take longer than usual. This is normal as re-partitioning NAND takes time.
- Schattenbanane
- Skelton
- death-droid

As always, your kind feedback is always appreciated to make this ROM better and faster.
- Included RKbatchTool v1.7 with English Language Support.
- Included all necessary drivers.
- Simply follow the exact same steps to upgrade to JXD's Official Firmware to apply this firmware.
This is not an official release. It is still experimental. If for whatever reason, the image fails on your device, just flash the original JXD firmware v1.1.4 to restore capped speeds and normal operation.
S7800B_SUPERCHARGED v1.0 _FW v1.1.4_ (354.96 MB) STABLE

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Tansoftware’s custom firmware for the JXD S7800B has been updated – use with care!


  1. Awesome realease, yet I get constant "unfortunately android media process has stopped" and cant open gmail or market.

  2. i love it good work
    but some of my games don't work like (modern combat 4) is not working it just keep flashing a black screen.
    and i was thinking can you make the Internal Storage 5.5gb or 6gb so more app's can be downloaded?


    1. Ok the games do work. i didnt know i had to do a full wipe and restore after i installed the rom and so i did so and now every thing works grate with no problums that i can see so far. thanks for this rom you are awesome my friend. now i truly love my (jxd s7800b)