Obscure handhelds covers the current state of handheld emulation gaming – August 2013

It’s not easy to make sense, at any given time, of what is what in the great world of handheld console emulation gaming.

So you can easily tell dedication to the cause when you see it, and Obscurehandhelds has just completed a great roundup of the current generation of latest and greatest handhelds in the spirit of Dingoo – and lots of other upcoming ones as well.  If you want to know who the contender consoles are today, there is no better article than over here: http://obscurehandhelds.com/?p=2286

Everything from the GCW Zero to the Joyou A320 to the Nvidia shield - and then some - is covered, so if you’re new to the scene, there is no better place to get your bearings.


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