New GPD7018 Handheld device, another Dual-Core alternative


There is another dual-core device that wants to be popular where the dual-cores are dominated by JXDS7300B.

This new device appears to be in some specs better than Archos Gamepad, and may be a serious alternative for JXD S7300B, where stability is not their strong poing, but this new GPD7018 appears to be so stable, inclusive at 1.5GHz of speed (yes, this device can handle this speed)

The bad thing, their D-PAD is similar (but not equal) to Archos Gamepad, but is better. Fighting games can be played without issues with this!

Other games such Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, running in the last Retroarch, run very well too!

there are lots of vids about the device.

You can check the review of this device on Deen0X's Blog (original in spanish, use translator tool)



  1. I stopped reading after I saw the D-pad.


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