Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Race for GCW Zero v 1.1 (Neogeo Pocket emulator)

Race for GCW V1.1

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Hello all,
Here is a new emulator for GCW-ZERO, it is Race a Neogeo Pocket emulator :)
Picture (from Windows SDL version, the source code is compatible) :

You can download here :
- race GCW0 v1.1 : Race opk executables
Source code will be available soon on  my github
What's new since last OpenDIngux release :


V1.1 : 15/06/2013
  Add .ngc file extension
  Fix bug with uppercase/lowercase names
  Fix bug with skin if automatic launch of game
  Save current rom directory
  Zip support
  Clean up makefile
  Change R & L for Right & Left in menu browsing
  Add bad memory checking to avoid MSlug2 crashing

Enjoy :) !

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