Willgoo ibenx quad core android gaming console test videos and preview pictures

As promised by Willgoo, feast your eyes on moving and still pics’ of the next big thing(?):

OK. Let us see more details on this device:
The cool game center which is totally different from JXD S7300 and other current handhelds:

And the keymapping menu- Later I will show you how it works:

The testing result on Antutu:

The back side really brings me a surprise. As you can see that it is designed as a "hand grip", which will help you to hold the device firmly. This avoid the device drop down or slip from your hand:

OK. Here comes the d-pad and its analog stick. The d-pad is just a little different from JXD S7300's.

The right side face buttons:

But the should button is not dual one. Only had the L, R shoulder button. No L2, R2 buttons like S7300 :'(


  1. Only a single shoulder button on each side?
    That's an oversight.

    The rest looks interesting.
    I guess we'll see!

  2. How come they never get everything right? Triggers in addition to shoulder buttons should be checked off on a modern gaming device that is powerful enough to emulate consoles that rely on triggers.

    1. I think we all know that answer to that: SHIELD

      I'm keeping an eye on this, and might even buy one, but Nvidia's going to take the cake with Shield.
      They can afford to NOT cut corners, and I'm ready to pay for that.


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