iReadyGo Much i5 … JAFAC (Just another frickin’ Android console!:)

iReadyGo already has the Much i4 on the market with a 5" 800x480 and Exynos4412 processor, their next generation is to have a 5" 960x540 and the quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor. They say that they have sold 10 thousand units of the Exynos4412 device at about $250 street price in China.

Thanks to Shelby for the news!


  1. JAFAC indeed, LOL.

    Still cool that you posted it though.
    I like these things as long as they don't look like a PSP.
    For some reason I find that offputting, but that's just my being old I think.

  2. This is not just another Android console. If their last console is anything to go by, it will probably be higher quality than the vast majority of Chinese consoles out there, even JXD. I already like what I see just for the fact that the right joystick is below ABXY (more natural for me, but maybe not for you).


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