First IBEN L1 review: DeenOx reviews the IBEN-L1 Android Console!

Android reviewer extraordinaire DeenOx has posted a review of this enigmatic device from Iben here:

A first for the ‘net, I think! Please hop on over and read his, as always, thorough and detailed review, to gain insight on this new device.

The review is in Spanish, but DeenOx will provide a Google English Translation soon.


  1. I pressed Google translate and I hope I skimmed the review. All these Chinese android machines seem to be work in progress. They are never optimised before release. Is that a fair point?
    Only the Dingoo A320 I have, which I bought early, seemed to be relatively complete on release.

  2. I'm done with these android gaming tablets.
    Give me a GOOD MACHINE and a bluetooth controller.

    I just picked up a Hisense Sero 7 Pro from Walmart for 150 dollars and the thing is unstoppable. Think Nexus 7 with a card slot and more, complete with Tegra 3 goodness.

    The WikiPad just got released too. Tegra 3 = unstoppable gaming performance.

    1. Wikipad is out SOON, but not yet. I agree with you though. I'm sick and tired of waiting for a quality device from China. Now that android truly supports gaming hardware we don't have to rely on china. before, android with gaming controls was only good for emulators (which are legally muddy at best), so only unscrupulous China could make such devices. Now companies can make quality devices like the Wikipad and Nvidia Shield.

      So long JXD, Yinlips, and the rest of you butt mongers who can't make decent firmware when you do make decent hardware (Only decent chinese hardware being JXD S7300).

      P.S. Wait for tegra 4 devices.


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