TheXSample-SXELROM v3.0 for JXD S7300B


TheXSample-SXELROM v3.0 for JXD S7300B

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Here is a short list of changes included in this version of firmware.
Later in this article, there is a section with extended information about these changes.

  • Include support for USB Bluetooth dongles
  • This includes new governors set for the console hardware

Tincore Driver
  • Calibration ajusatada for DPAD
  • Improvements and optimizations in the driver code, to get even less lag.

Tincore KeyMapper
  • Support for languages.
  • Minor improvements in UI tool
  • DEBUG Option
  • Creating online guide tool
Note on Bluetooth Support
Not all Bluetooth USB dongles behave the same way, and the clasificaré in 3 groups:
  • Only some have 100% support, and able to connect, disconnect and work seamlessly with the device.
  • Others may only work if you are connected to the console from the start of it, and if disconnected, they will not start until you restart the console.
  • And others, very few, may not be able to work with the console.

That said, emphasizing that most dongles that we used in the tests correspond to Group 2 of the above list, and only one has been in group 1, but still the connectivity and operation we tested is suitable and practical, if we have the console plugged into a TV.
What's more, the videos I uploaded to show this feature, corresponding to a dongle in group 2, and as you can see works seamlessly with multiple devices.
The video above shows the work in progress of this feature.
On connectivity Sixaxis
(Using a SIXAXIS with the console)
Overall, there have been problems with device connectivity, but if identified and strange behavior is that when connecting Sixaxis controls, after a few seconds in some cases these are switched off (or when you connect a second controller is off the first), but not always the case and simply reconnect the tool again.
According to the evidence, it may be because, for some reason, the program does not work well when the controls are low on battery (below 50%).
(Console working with 2 sixaxis connected simultaneously)
Version Recustom

It has generated a TheXSample-SXELROM v3.0 release Recustom with the same characteristics as the original rom, plus some extra programs related withthe bluetooth.
Download Links

TheXSample - SXELROM v1.0

For more links, see the original article of this release.
As in previous updates, here is the work of many people, although it seems small upgrade, I can say it's quite achieving the advancement of Bluetooth and achievers who deserve all the thanks, and among which I will highlight a Skelton (great manager of the idea), Christian Troy, Lomax, Tincore (which never tires of implementing improvements) and myself, that force me to go out in the credits XD, plus I can leave out now .
We also wanted to give a thank you to the store Willgoo, that has been very helpful to give us the necessary support to add the option of accelerometer in the mapping tool (released in a previous patch), and now we have the "Wiimote style "to play some retro-gaming (it's great to play Mario Kart 64, tilting the console like a Wii steering wheel): D
The special thanks of this firmware is for the groups "The Mox", "Les Miserables", "Marilyn Manson" and Daft Punk (among others) for that because we had a lot of energy injected encouragement and strength to the long nights of testing that has taken this firmware.


  1. I am running this ROM at the moment and it is really great so far.

    I just installed the SD card swap patch, so now I'm essentially running a 32GB device.

    Super cool!


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