Public Service Announcement: [Warning][JXD S7300]DO NOT flash Stock firmware 2.1 if you have a custom firmware

[Warning][7300]DO NOT flash Stock firmware 2.1 if you have a custom firmware.

According to the JXD site users with sxelrom can't update to 2.1 from the company( no idea why you would want to anyways it has nothing new for us), and users updating from NCCE will be greeted to a black screen(sorry the translations are bad and vague I'm trying to get a better informed translation on the why).
Badly translated reasons:
something about partitions change and sd methods on their 2.1 cause issues.
Badly translated changelog:
update on the new MX chip compatible processing
, update the HDMI bug in processing
3 backwards HDMI update
4, update the virtual keys (individual game to open the virtual buttons will be black or exit, such as the trigger of death, monsters shooting )
V2.0-0410 update:
1, modify the system stability, crash, standby revive the problem basically solved
key mapping: to increase the value of the auto-save feature of the virtual keys, open the game automatically reads the configuration data, and no longer need to configure .
3, increase the default virtual key values ​​to the factory default the game mapping data sheet
anyone care to really translate the real thing?

Announced April 19 … my bad.


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