Main GCW Zero thread on Dingoonity locked

Dude, where’s my thread? Where’s my thread, dude?

Over at Dingoonity, ominipotent admin omgmog has done what readers of and posters on this loud, boisterous, often obnoxious, sometimes informative and rarely boring thread covering the ever late GCW Zero have probably long expected. He’s quite understandably locked the thread

And deservingly so!  So full of vitroil, venom and bile was it! An evil thread. If you viewed it, you would die!  One moment, it was a sweet innocent little child without acting talent, next its like all black, dark, scarred, scarring, spouting bad dialogue and then, and then … noooooooooo:


For a while, my days were sunny again.  The clouds lifted, and the implacable darkness that overtook my soul whenever I heard the words “GCW Preorder” was no more.  Dank, destructive, dark and drab disappeared.  Rainbows streamed across my newly winsome skies. I sing. I play with ponies. Lollypops taste good. I dress like Bradley Cooper. My forum reading days, long imprisoned, slip the surly bonds of trolls and touch the words of omgmog.

I’m, like, “This is good. Healthy even.”

Alas,it was then, at this moment of joyous rapture, that the epiphany dawned.  There are no rainbows without rain. Meanwhile, the Zero is still out there, somewhere, over one of them, next to some lullaby. Hell, what if this current rainbow goes, and there’s no pot at the end of it, and then its already stopped raining, ‘cus everyone’s like all, happy now and so our tears are no longer cussin’ down from the heavens to make the next rainbow, so there’d be no more moisture in the air to separate that colour spectrum, and so on. Clear?

The reasons for Dingoonity’s locking are sound, of course. Omgmog says that server space, and the time of his admins, have been unnecessarily and wastefully devoted to policing a device, that isn’t really a dingoo at all!  Damn straight, dude, bet you regret blessing the Zero with its own section now, all them months ago!

And you loathsome, whining, posting ingrates! From now, just feel lucky you’re not relegated to the Dingoonindignity of “Other Portable Devices”! Note to all derogatory swine: Please post only after the daily Prozac.

Of course, here at Dingoo-scene, with our readership of grandma, uncle Cheong and two Axolotyls, we’re a tolerant and comatose bunch, so no such reservations exist.  Come ravage our server space and comment on your favourite cause today! Got something to say on Zero? Say it. Healthy discussion has got to be a good thing. Those rabble suckers who ordered early with something to say should be heard.  One way or another, they probably will be, as such is the nature of things on these interwebs.

You’re welcome to do it here.

I’ll even get the ball rolling for y’all. Here’s the last post before the thread was locked.  Feel free to continue it. You don’t even have to register.:

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    Re: GCW Zero

    « Reply #5679 on: April 15, 2013, 01:38:41 PM »

    Quote from: cruelcynic on April 15, 2013, 01:21:32 PM

    Quote from: Emarsp on April 15, 2013, 12:17:49 PM

    You will have to deal with it, Justin is no hardware designer,
    Just a poor open handhelds seller from Usa that saw the chance when he saw the H350,
    Changed the bessel,and fooled a couple of programmers here, promising payment that never come,

    When people ask who are the so called trouble makers, it is degenerates like this previously banned person. I have no problem with people wanting proof they were promised. What I do have a problem with is blatant lying. The H350 is the early Zero. End of story. I am not sure why this theory persists.

    Yes, but they really are the exception, are they not? I oppose the idea that there is a horde or disgruntled beings out there causing mayhem, all with the single minded purpose of de-railing thread and causing a **** storm.


    Not just a hairy face


    1. This amused me greatly, well written! :)

      1. Thanks, but too well mannered, fellas! Where are the raging hordes?:) Can you rustle 'em here?


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