“Unofficial” clone GCW Zero video

Josh Dimon  sent me the following:

From: Joshua Dimon <insameworrier@gmail.com>
To: larry@dingoo-scene.com
Sent: Tuesday, 12 March 2013 2:55 PM
Subject: Clone GCW Zero

Hi Larry,

I like to read your blog regularly, as well as dingoonity and openconsoles, opendora, XDA Devs and and other emulation forums.  I have made a video here of a "clone" GCW Zero in action: http://youtu.be/BtTRQq75Hhg

This is an "unofficial" GCW Zero sourced from a Hong Kong company. It is called the H350. I bought this through Alibaba. It costed less than the Kickstarter GCW Zero price.  I found the information on the source of the device from this forum: http://forum.openhandhelds.net/index.php/topic,276.0.html

This device is not supposed the same as the real the GCW Zero.  I guess this means the software will be different. As for the device, it seems to me to be the same externally to the GCW Zero (looking at pictures I have seen of it),  I do not know what is in the real GCW Zero hardware inside. SNESFan seems to think that this device is an early version.

The PS1 emulator is working quite well IMHO.  I have not had time to test the other emulators. I will do more testing soon.

I am posting this because many people are interested in the project, and these clones.  I think people have a right to know information, so they can understand their options, and can make their own decisions on these things.

Thank you



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