Elcheapo LED projector perfect for handheld emulation on a 60” screen

This mini projector from fancrapatastic vendors of all the treasures of the orient, Tinydeal, seems just the thing for emulation devices, given its native resolution of 320 x 240, and its 4:3 aspect ratio!

Multimedia LCD Image System LED Projector 4:3 Ratio
Multimedia LCD Image System LED Projector 4:3 Ratio


Product Features:

  • This projector is capable of creating a screen from 17" to 60" - perfect for a dorm room or bedroom
  • The LED lighting system projects a brilliant image onto your wall at a 300:1 contrast ratio
  • It's equipped with tons of features, including lantern slide, picture zoom, 360 image rotation, and special SRS sound and audio effects to enhance your sound
  • Listen using the built-in speakers or plug into the headphone jack to keep the noise down
  • Connect your video game console or DVD player using the composite video RCA jacks, or plug in a USB stick or TF card with music or picture files - this unit plays back MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, APE, and a variety of other formats
  • Runs at 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Specially designed for home use
  • Bring your digital picture to life
  • Plastic case material
  • Manual focus adjustable
  • Delivers good images effect with 320 x 240 native resolution
  • You can listen to music, view documents, videos and photos anywhere
  • Multiple input ports including AV-in, USB and micro SD card slot to provide flexible connectivity with peripheral devices
  • Equipped with 2.0W x 1 speaker with 3.5mm headphone jack input port

Given the positively laughable price of $80.26, feel free to dash to here to get one.


  1. Depends how many lumeens you get out of it.
    I bought two led videoprojectors so far.
    The first one was capable of 800x600 (around $200) at 120lumens and it was good but I needed a totally dark room to use it.
    The second one does 1024x768 at more than 200lumens for $300 aand this time it was way better.

    The one you list is capabae of 40lumens.
    It is cheap for sure but do not expect too much about the picture quality.

  2. I don't see this as being a top performer but sure, some emulation would work why not?


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