Another day, another … retro console: say hello to the RetroN 4

This one takes original SNES, NES, Megadrive/Genesis and GBA carts, for $69.99 from Hyperkin’s site.  Here it is in action:


RetroN 3 Review at Kombo

RetroN 3 Interview Part 1 at Neocrisis

RetroN 3 Interview Part 2 at Neocrisis

RetroN 3 Coverage at G4TV, Attack of the Show!

RetroN 3 Coverage at Gizmodo

RetroN 3 Coverage at en gadget


  1. Gba? your mistaken.

  2. Funny videos!

    Yeah, no GBA, but it would of course be cool.

  3. These are pics and video of the Retron 3. The Retron 4 does play GBA but they have only announced it and they have not shown it yet. They are showing it at the Midwest Gaming Classic on March 23.


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