NCCE Custom Firmware for JXD S7300 updated to v 0.2b


Custom Firmware:
NCCE V 0.2b by Vektor and Damedus:

-D-pad being stuck fixed
-Reverted to Odex for better compatibility with certain apps.(Tests in progress Future releases might come Deodex and Odex)
-Touch control mapping should work from the Xgame app games for android.(Test this its not 100% accurate)
-X Game,  ES File manager, Titanium Backup, Aptoide have been added as non-system apps, if you don't want one it can be removed. But they serve purposes(cydia like market with apps not in the play store, the X game from the JXD Official firmware for classic roms[note:emus were removed this will download games but will not play, if we get source we might fix this. We think base emus are outdated and would ruin the rom for people who want to d/l up to date better emus.] and Managing Backup tools.)
-All previous fixes from 0.1b

NCCE 0.2b


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