JXD S7300 reviewed on Eurogamer.net

A detailed review on a reputable site … the JXD S7300 is getting some serious profile! I wish they could learn to write a decent headline, though!

Eurogamer review



  1. That review got better as it went along. The (c) issues do not have to be the basis of the review. Some of the people commenting need such a slap.
    One legitimate comment received many negative votes when it raises the issue of why the Archos product does not get such a negative reception on the [c] front; yet the JXD, one does.
    I would rather Eurogamer did not review this sector of the market if the tone is like this. They are out of their depth.

  2. I completely agree; it's a shame that no everyone gets the niche market that we all care about. You either understand Chinese Knockoff consoles and assess them on their own terms, or you make fun of them. There seems to be no measured and rational middle ground. The truth is, these things are the white box PC's of the 2000's, like the plain label PC's that shipped in the millions in the 90s, and the "Pineapple" Apple II's that shipped in the 80s. They are the unsung grease behind ever paradigm change in consumer IT technology. You need grease to keep things running, but grease needs to be recognised as much for its function as its inherent filthy qualities, before it can truly be understood.

  3. I'm so with you guys on this.
    For this tablet to have gotten the attention of developers it means that it has merits.

    I'm very close to pulling the trigger on one of these because of the fact that new firmwares are being developed to refine the performance.

  4. Okay...trigger pulled.
    16gb in black is on its way!

  5. Giving Eurogamer this JXD to review, is like giving a peace campaigner a rifle to review. You know the moral issues will affect what they need to be seen to say. Eurogamer need to be seen to be caring about [c] issue in the face of the free things they get from other manufacturers.

  6. Hi guys. if you're intetested, i reviewed (time ago) this device.
    you can read on my blog (Note: In spanish. use translator to get a translated version):

    I read this review, and i don´t get satisfied about how him analize the device. as someone says, is basic to know a little bit these kind of devices to "tune up" before get a real experiencie of the device. Firmware/O.S., emulators config, android gaming config, etc, etc, etc. many parameters to be consider before testing and, finally, talk about the device.

    well... hope you found useful my review.


  7. Check it out!In-Depth Hardware Review:JXD-S7300 Gamepad2


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