JXD S7300 Custom Firmware released by Vektor and Damedus

Custom Firmware for JXD S7300:
NCCE V 0.1b by Vektor and Damedus:


- Now it's fully deodexed, first boot will be a bit longer. Next boots will be regular.
- Apks in the bundle are zipaligned, this should improve RAM usage.
- Emulators fix (we need tests and feedback by the community)
- Google Play fix (thanks skelton, we need tests and feedback by the community)
- External SD swapped with internal. (Work in progress: extract SD only when JXD S7300 is switched off, switch on only with SD inserted).
- New (lighter) boot animation

Mirror provided by revnja (thanks!)

Firmware Tutorial:

1. Backup all data from your device.(Keep a backup of your apps and files on pc)
2. Download the firmware(Directly from JXD/Mirrors).
You should have the following files:
- factory_update_param.aml
- patch.zip
- uImage_recovery
- update.zip
3. Place all 4 files to the root of your sd card.
4. With the device off place the sd card in it, press the Vol+ and Power buttons at the same time until it enters the upgrade menu.
5. Wait. Once the device is finished it will reboot back to system fully updated. Enjoy the upgrade!

SD swap enable/disable:


- Flash NCCE01b firmware.
- Switch tablet off.
- Extract SD
- Put SD_SWAP_ENABLER.zip and SD_SWAP_DISABLER.zip (inside the sd_swap_pack.zip) in the root folder of your SD. Do not insert it in jxd s7300!
- Boot in recovery mode (press power and vol+)
- When android system recovery <3e> screen comes out, insert SD.
- Choose update from EXT by moving with D-PAD and pressing Start to select it.
- In the same way use D-PAD to select enabler/disabler and press start to confirm.
To disable simply select disabler, to get sdswap back simply select enabler.
The swap works on stock firmware too.


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