Sunday, February 24, 2013

el_andyriego’s video of PS1/PSX on JXD S5300

Re: s5300 Skelton's Clean_SCRIPT (for ICS and JB firmwares)

Hello my friends. Well, I have uploaded a video so you can see the performance of the JXD S5300 playing PSX games. As I told you before, I believe the quality is very decent, it might need some improvements, but as it is now, I find it very acceptable, or almost an unnoticeable difference to that of the original Playstation gameplay. As I've been telling you before, I installed the English firmware from JXD(the one that was uploaded on the JXD site on 2/2/2013), and to be able to play PSX games with great performance you'd need to install psx4droid and acquire a BIOS. If you can't install the firmware with an SD bootable card, I've already placed the instructions for an alternative way you can install it using GMass.
The other emulators like SNES, NES, and 64 are working as before with no glitches nor problems, but as I said before, you'd have to install a separate emulator for the Sega Genesis. The Android version of this firmware is Jelly Bean and it is working great. However, the R button problem is still present, but not as noticeable as before.
I believe that if anyone thinking on buying a JXD or retro gamepad, S5300 is a good option, you should give it a try. You'll have a smooth and good experience with it, being using it as a tablet or as a gamepad. And if you want to play PSX games just follow the past instructions. I believe JXD will continue updating the firmware for good. Also, I wanted to add that with my experience looking around the web and even eBay, you won't find better deals than's. Good luck.

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