Monday, February 18, 2013 open for business – “Quora” Q and A for emulation consoles and retrogaming

I waste way too much time on Quora , and it occurs to me that while there is so much good stuff on it, they just don’t focus enough on the important things in life: retrogaming, handheld consoles and emulation.  Sure, you can find the answer to life, the universe, and everything on Quora, but can anyone tell you the difference between a JXD S601 and a GCW Zero? Or the name of the ghosts in Pac Man?

So, faithful readers, launching today is a little seed that may one day turn into a tiny flower, and then perhaps, become the home to a pretty butterfly before it succumbs to the harsh winters of abandoned places, hopefully in a distant, distant time. For now though …  

Welcome all to !


It’s a little lonely there at the moment, full of what I hope will not remain rhetorical questions (aww, c’mon, it looks better than a white screen, right?!). This won’t work without YOU, so please go forth and ask and answer, spread the word and tell your friends.

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