Nvidia launches new Android handheld console at CES

Nvidia is synonymous with gaming of course, but up till now, holding their hardware in your hands would have caused some nasty solder pricks.

Still, they clearly see the future the way readers of this site have for months, have improved their ergonomics, and now announced their extremely well specced (though IMHO, extremely hideous looking) handheld console at CES:

Lets not forget the original Nintendo DS looked like it was inspired by a waffle iron, but somehow managed to become the bestselling gaming console of all time.  There’s much to like about this extremely impressive device – let’s hope its priced like a printer, not a 4K TV.

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  1. It may not be beautiful but it has proper grips unlike current gaming tablets and other portable gaming stuff. I have a Dingoo A320 and had a JXD S7100 and my hands have to be clenched to hold these devices and I have hand cramp if I play an hour. Now if I use a proper gamepad like a Rumblepad or a Sixaxis controller there is no issue like that so the grip is a huge plus.
    The folding screen is nice I think. This too makes for better hand position.

    I would buy this if it will have a decent pricing.
    Oh and I hope nVidia implements a gamepad to touch feature like JXD and Archos to make all games playable.


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