Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to update JXD 7300 Firmware

Discuss/More here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/android-devices/jxd-s7300-fixes-firmware-roms-thread/

Or, you can use this guide (source: http://boards.dingoonity.org/android-devices/new-fireware-release-for-jxd-s7300b-and-update-guide/msg59690/?topicseen#new) :

New Firmware Release for JXD S7300B and Update Guide

JXD has release a new fireware for JXD S7300B, the new version is "S7300B-01-V1.1-20130118",  this fireware optimize the sensitivity of the buttons and joystick.
Below is the guide about how to upgrade the S7300.
The old version of my JXD S7300 is "S7300B-01-V1.0-20130116"  :

Before Update:

  • Please back up all data of the device. All installed documents in the device will be cleaned out after upgraded.
    Download the new Fireware  from Foxoffer( the firmware is uploading now, after 1 hour will be ok for download): http://www.foxoffer.com/download/S7300v1.1_Firmware.zip
    Put all the downloaded firmware file of S7300 in the root of the TF card.
The files are as following:

Update Steps:
Press “POWER” button and “VOL+” button together under POWER OFF state, device would enter automatic upgrading interface. Device would enter system again automatically after upgrade successfully.

After upgrade, the version is "S7300B-01-V1.1-20130118".

Find more details on :

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